Warning Signs of a Gambling Problem

Because gambling is often a “silent problem” it is often hard to detect early and look for a cure. But like any addiction that has cycles of craving and withdrawal symptoms, addictive problem can be cured if proper professional help is sought. To do that, it is vital that a loved one (spouse or sibling or a parent) is alert enough to see signs or any subtle change in behavior in the gambler. Many gamblers will never admit willingly they have a problem so it is up to the other person to be pro-active and nip it in the bud. There are many signs of a gambling problem and these are discussed below.

A gambler is usually someone who is very secretive about his money and overall finances. The point of the secrecy is to cover up possible losses (if they are already big losses) and also to continue the habit in the future. By controlling finances, a gambler is able to manipulate the way money is being spent. It is this obsession to control money that is the first red flag that gambling is being done secretly.

Another sure sign of a gambling problem is that monthly bills are starting to pile up and usually left unpaid after a period of time. Before there was gambling, payments of bills were usually prompt but now, they are still unpaid long after these bills were due. It might be good to ask the gambler where the money intended for payment went and often there are alibis for these bills still unpaid. Dominoqq is online gambling site that provide innovative and creative games for the players. It will provide a global platform to the players to improve their skills. 

Suddenly, there are new loans or other cash advances (drawing a salary in advance at the office) when there is no need for new money. There are no scheduled purchases and yet here comes a new loan whose purpose is vague. That is a warning sign that the money will be used or spent elsewhere.

Often, money coming from a salary or other income source used to last for a month. The budget is now short always and there is no adequate explanation why money that used to be enough suddenly is not enough to pay for a month’s expenses. The budget has stayed the same so the conclusion is that there is a new hidden expense somewhere.

Making cash advances on the credit card is another sign that a gambling problem is developing. Couple this with borrowing money from close relatives or friends and it is a cause for wonder why the sudden need for money.

A gambler often wins big and suddenly there is plenty of cash without any sufficient reason or explanation for its existence. Where did the money come from? Winning at gambling, that’s where! A gambler exhibits a lot of unusual behavior which cannot be adequately explained. Be on the lookout for these warning signs and they are easy to spot.

Vegas for the Recovered Gambling Addict

For someone recovering from a gambling addiction problem going to Las Vegas presents the ultimate challenge. At every turn there is a slot machine or a dealer just inviting you to sit down for a few minutes and try your luck. Las Vegas is the gambling Mecca of the United States, if not the world. Indeed, the biggest gamble for a recovering addict may be going there at all.

Indeed, Las Vegas is one of those cities that invite us to act impulsively on our urges and it has gotten the better of many of us. Even some very key figures have made headlines for their gambling activity, Charles Barkley and Bill Bennett just to name a couple. While many gamblers may not have the ability to put as much money at risk as those two individuals, betting can still lead to problems.

For many, betting is nothing more than an entertainment mechanism, much like the movies or a theme park. They go knowing how much they have to spend and are entertained by the sport and thrill of it. However, once the money runs out, or once they reach a goal in their winnings, they know it is time to leave.

However, the addicted gambler has no such self control. Oftentimes, the addicted gambler cannot walk away. If they do, it is usually not long before they find themselves back at the table or slots, reinforcing the old habits of playing wide variety of gambling games such as poker, horse betting etc.

So, how does one survive being a recovering gambling addict in the city known for that very activity? There are a number of suggestions.

Avoidance. If possible, do not go to Las Vegas at all. If a trip must be made for business or family reasons, try to plan busy days doing other things so that the opportunity to gamble will not present itself as often. Avoiding Vegas may not be an option. Avoiding gambling is.    Postponement. When the opportunity does come up to gamble, and it likely will, make a deal with yourself to not give into any urges immediately. Wait half an hour, then make a decision. Chances are, the temptation will still be there. But at least you have limited the time spent gambling.    Accountability. If you are there on a business trip with a co-worker, do not be afraid to tell him or her about your past history. Check to see if they would help keep you from gambling by reminding you of the grim realities of the situation – that being the house always wins.    Limiting funds. If you are planning on going out for the night, take only the cash you need for the activity you are planning on doing, plus a little additional spending money. Leave the rest of your money, credit cards and debit cards in the room safe in your hotel.    Take your spouse. Chances are your wife or husband knows about the problem and has seen the effects it can have. Giving them total control of the finances during the trip can help avoid falling into the gambling trap. At the same time, a husband or wife that does this voluntarily should not be confrontational or ask the arrangement be changed during the trip at any point.

The Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas: Review

The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas is the epitome of young, hip and fabulous, a great hotel on the Vegas strip for those looking for the optimal Vegas experience. It has now become one of the most popular 사설토토사이트. The newly renovated hotel has a great retro feel and is also celebrity owned which ups your chance of a celebrity sighting.


Most of the rooms are furnished with two queen size beds that are extremely comfortable and lavish in space great for a group of young girls getting ready for a night out. Ask for a fountain view room which will give a great view of the entire strip as well as the best views for the Bellagio fountain show. The room during the week should be no problem to get without an additional charge but during the weekend you’ll pay a little extra.


The pool area, while not grand is a decent side but not one of the greatest that you can find on the strip. It is located on the roof and the sun can be blocked sometimes by the other buildings surrounding the hotel and becomes crowded quickly each day.


The hotel is connected to the Miracle Mile Shoppes which is great because it gives you a multitude of dining options for anyone’s budge. If you are look for some cheap eats the mall is you best bet with a typical food court with staples like KFC and Sbarro. At the actual hotel great casual eats like P.F. Changs, Pinks Hot Dogs (just as good as the L.A. location), and Earl of Sandwich are great options for a quick bit to eat. The buffet is on the moderately priced side but is amazing. A great way to get more bang for your buck is to go around 10:30am so you can get the best of both breakfast and lunch. For a more upscale experience you must go to Strip House which is a twist on the modern day steak house.


While there I was only able to take in the one featured show PEEPSHOW which I must say was a good time all around and very entertaining. I would highly recommend it to those that like a mixture of a burlesque and high intensity dance with great looking people. If you are going with a group of young women I would recommend Thunder from down Under instead at the Excalibur. The strip show was right up the alley of tasteful stripping and all that is Vegas.


  • Since Planet Hollywood is located on the center of the strip you will save lots of money on cab rides. The best clubs/casinos and attractions are located in the hotels closets to Planet Hollywood.
  • The concierge is more than happy to help you with anything from purchasing tickets to show tickets, and other attractions on the Las Vegas strip. They are quick and friendly and willing to help.
  • Avoid the timeshare people that try and entice you with “freebies” but will take up a lot of your precious time.
  • There is a daily surcharge for your stay at the hotel that covers water and newspaper and other amenities that is very annoying since most of the time you will not use this. Unfortunately they will not comp this.

Enjoy your time at The Planet Hollywood Vegas Hotel, great for a group of young and fabulous crowd.

Balancing Your Hand Range in Poker

In this scenario, we are “John” and “Google” is our opponent. It is a heads-up poker match with $200 and $400 blinds. It’s only one scenario but we show two hands that we have.

  • Google ($40,000) – SB $200
  • John ($40,000) – BB $400
  • John is dealt
  • Google raises to $1,200

My decisions: Fold, Call, Raise

AJ suited beats the majority of his raising range so folding isn’t an option. A raise can get worse to call so were going to raise. With 93 suited were also going to raise because his opening range is so wide that a lot of the time, he’s just going to fold. 93 suited isn’t a good enough hand to call because it can’t improve to a better hand other than the flush.

Raise size is important, so if were going to play 93 suited the same way as AJ, we need to stay consistent. We are going to raise to 4,000 because this is enough to get weaker hands to call but also to get hands to fold.

  • John raises to $4,000
  • Google calls $2,800

FLOP: Ac 7s Qs

This is a perfect flop for AJ and a miss for 93. With AJ we’re going to bet and with 93 we should also bet. If our range, at this point, is anything from AJ to 93, we need to stay consistent. We want our range to be widest at all times so our opponent can’t get a read on us. If we always check pairs less than top pair but we bet bluffs and strong hands, our opponent can take advantage of us. The pot is $8,000 and I don’t think we should bet something like $6,000 because if our range consists mostly of bluffs and middle pairs, our opponent can raise a lot and were going to have to fold. A bet like $4,400 is perfect. It gives a good price on our bluffs and with hands like top to mid pair, a lot of weaker hands are going to call. Also, if were raised, we can fold and not lose that much.

  • John bets $4,400
  • Google calls $4,400

TURN: Ac 7s Qs [Ks]

So if were going to bet with AJ, we have to think of worse hands to call and if were going to bet with 93, we have to think of hands that are going to fold. Now we have to put our opponent on a range.

Google raised to $1,200 preflop and that doesn’t tell us much about his hand. We raised to $4,000 and he called. We still have no idea what his hand range could be. We bet $4,400 and he called. This gives us a little more information as we can assume he’s not calling with T8. So what did he raise preflop, called a 3-bet and now called the flop? Here are our list of hand ranges starting from strongest to weakest:

  • 77
  • A7
  • Q7
  • Ax
  • Qx
  • 7x
  • 99+
  • KJ
  • KT
  • TJ

Flush Draw

As you can see, his hand range is very wide. Let’s assume he 4-bets AA, KK QQ, and AQ so those hands can come out. If we have 93 suited and we bet, I don’t think he’s folding the majority of his range. He folds 99+, 7x, and maybe Qx, but that’s it. He’s calling everything else. With 93, I think we have to check.

However, with AJ, I think we should bet because weaker aces, queens and kings, like KJ and KT, are going to call. We should bet like 11,000 and check almost any river.

With 93, we check. Our opponent bets and we fold. With AJ, we bet $11,000 and he calls.

RIVER: Ac 7s Qs Ks [4h]

We folded 93 and I believe we did the best play with that hand. We now have AJ and have to decide whether a bet or a check is the best play. To figure out our best play, we have to put our opponent on a hand. What is calling a 3-bet, calling the flop and then calling the turn? We obviously leave hands like two-pair, sets, and flushes but his range also consists mostly of weak pairs like Ax and Kx. Here is my guess:

  • 77
  • A7
  • Q7
  • Ax
  • Qx
  • KJ
  • KT
  • TJ

Flush Draw

This range consists mostly of hands that beat us so unless were looking to turn our AJ into a bluff, a bet isn’t profitable. Hands that we do beat are Ax and Kx but those hands aren’t calling a bet, so a check is just as profitable.

The pot is $38,800 and we check. Our opponent shoves for his last $20,600 and we fold. Since the only hands we beat are going to check, he’s only shoving hands that beat us like two-pair, sets and flushes. There are no hands he’s calling the flop and turn with that are now turning into a bluff. All the draws got there, like the straight and flush, but he’s not shoving the weak Ax and Kx, he’d just check back. Here is his hand range:

  • 77
  • A7
  • Q7
  • TJ

Flush Draw

We don’t beat any of those hands and a fold is most profitable. We played 93 and AJ nearly the same. This is why high stakes poker is so tough to beat because it’s so hard to put your opponent on actual hand. Playing against weak opposition is easier because they their hand and it’s easier to know what they have. You also have to be balancing your ranges so that in any one spot, you don’t have only one hand. You want your opponent to be putting you on a wide range of hands so that he can make mistakes.

However, all said and done, a game becomes more thrilling and exciting only when the stakes are high and getting a win over weak players is indeed a hollow victory and is nothing much of an achievement as DominoQQ is well known for.

How to Win at Slots

In the last two years I have learned that a person, who plays slot machines, can literally make a weekly living in any casino in the world.

Many people rush in, insert their money, hit the spin button rapidly, and then go home broke and disgusted.

One of the first things you should do, before you begin to play, is pay attention to what the locals are playing. You will be able to tell who the locals are by their attititudes and how they are treated by the casino personel. In all of the casinos I frequent I am known by name by most of the employees.

Locals, or regulars as the are referred to by employees, have played often enough that they know which machines pay out the most wins and approximately when a machine is ready to jackpot.

You should also walk around for a while to see which sections of machines seem to be paying out the most.

Many times you will see a person hit a win for $200 or $300 or even a jackpot and immediately leave their machine. However, this is the perfect time to play. You see, a machine goes through win cycles and loss cycles. And, after almost every jackpot, the machines will just about always pay out a sizeable amount more for a while. I have even seen many machines pay jackports back to back, or a second time within several spins.

So, if you win you should stick with your machines for a few minutes longer.

I have found that if you pay attention to what the machine is doing (where the reels are lining up) and how fast, or slow, the machine is spinning at the time you can determine when the machine is going to payout.

I have also discovered a way to make a profit off of every $20.00 bill I insert into a machine.

You can take $200 or $300 to any casino, and do exactly what I tell you to do and leave with $400 to $4000.00 every time you play.

All casinos want you to win a small amount of money to get you hooked, but they anticipate that 97% of every player will keep playing until they lose it all back, plus some. And, they are correct.

They’re not quite wrong to think that way as the average gambler does not give up before he ends up losing everything in his desperation to get back what he has lost by staking all that remains with him and therefore casino business is booming all over the world. It is very different from situs judi bola online as the latter is mainly for betting purposes where bookies end up with a small fortune while gambling is a lure for fools.

If you use just a little bit of discipline and pay close attention to my instuctions you will be able to quit your job in a few weeks if that is what you choose to do.

I have taken several people to the casino and personally shown them what to do and when to take their money out and each one of them left with a nice profit. You can too.

Everyone who plays wants to have fun, but making a lot of money is even more enjoyable.

I see many poker players having a good time, but they rarely make the kind of money slot players make.

They make get a good hand and win $50.00 to $150.00, but a slot player can make $300.00 of of one spin.