What Are The Various Rules Of Playing The QQ Game On Online Platform?

What Are The Various Rules Of Playing The QQ Game On Online Platform?

You can play the game of QQ at home with a computer or you can go to a casino and be part of a live group. There are several other places where you can find online games for free, but many people like to visit casinos because they feel that it is much more exciting. The only thing you need in order to enjoy playing this game is an Internet connection and a good gaming platform. If you have not played before then it will take some time before you get used to the interface. Here are the basics of QQ – QQ game rules. 

First, you will need to choose your username. Your nickname must be unique and should not contain any letters or numbers. You cannot use spaces as well as special characters such as “&”, “/” or “?” which make up questions. After creating a nickname you’ll also need to create a password for it. This password will be needed every time you log into the site. It’s also wise to change the password from time to time so if someone else gets access to your account through brute force attacks or hacking attempts then they don’t have access to all of your information. 

In traditional time players used to visit the land based casinos and play the game of their choice. But with time there was advancement in technology. This resulted in the introduction of the online casinos platform like Bonus 138. The platform is available for the users for the complete 24*7 hours. The players can play the game at any time.

After choosing a name and password you need to choose the language of the website. You can choose between English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Italian and Turkish. All of these languages offer different versions of the game. For example, in English there are two versions of the game: one is called Classic and the other is called QQ Gold. In both cases players earn points by answering questions. However, the amount of money earned depends on what version of the game you choose. Gold users earn points by answering questions correctly and silver users earn points by answering them incorrectly. 

The next step is to choose how many questions you want to answer per day. This number determines the rate at which you can earn points. For example, if you set the number to 5 then each day you would receive five questions to answer. The maximum number of answers you can give is 10. You can also increase or decrease the number of questions based on your preferences. 

There are many different types of questions to answer, but most of them are multiple choice. If you do not know the answer then you will choose B for the correct answer. 

Once you have chosen how many questions you are going to answer you can start answering them. Once you have answered all of them you can check your score. If your total score is higher than 5000 then you will win a prize. When you reach this level you will automatically be awarded with a bonus of 20000 gold coins and 2000 silver coins. 

If you are just starting out then it may be difficult to earn enough money to reach this level. However, you can still earn money by answering other peoples’ questions. Each question has a rating system attached to it. Every time you answer a question you earn a certain amount of points. If you get a question wrong then you lose a certain amount of points. This is why it is important to always look at the ratings before answering a question. 

When answering questions you can earn additional points. These additional points are given when you correctly guess the answer to a question. You can earn up to 50 extra points for each correct answer. So if you get 25 questions right you will receive 50 extra points. There is no limit as to how many of these extra points you can earn. 

One way to earn even more points is to watch ads. When you click on an ad you can earn money. The amount of money that you earn depends on the type of ad you are watching. Ads can range from video games to sports to beauty products and everything in between. You can also earn money by referring friends to the website. When a friend signs up to the website using your referral code then you receive a certain percentage of their earnings. 

The last main way of earning money is by playing games. Some of these games include Bingo, Blackjack, slots and others. You can buy credits for these games directly from the website or you can use real money to purchase them. Many people prefer to use real money instead of buying credits because they feel that it gives them a better chance of winning. You can also use the virtual currency to pay for items in the store. 

There are a lot of things that you can do with this currency. You can spend it on anything that you see in the store. You can also exchange your currency for gold (or silver) which you can use to buy anything that is available on the game. 

The last point to discuss is the fact that you can earn money without spending any of your own. The majority of people choose to play the game with real money, but if you are the kind of person who likes playing for free then you have plenty of options.

You can download the software onto a desktop or laptop computer and play the game whenever you want. Another option is to create a mobile app so that you can play the game wherever you are. The downside to this method is that you won’t be able to earn any points while playing the game. 

Finally, you can join a live chat room which allows you to interact with other players. The benefit of doing this is that you can ask questions about the game and learn from other people. Although you will not be able to earn money through these interactions you will be able to improve your skills at playing the game. 

All in all, QQ is a fun and easy way to earn money. The more popular the game becomes the harder it will become to earn money. But if you keep trying you will eventually succeed!