What Is Your Level At Poker – Learn about the different levels!!

What Is Your Level At Poker – Learn about the different levels!!

Irrespective of what type of poker you happen to be playing, different players will be at various levels of understanding. When a player first comes into the game then they are at the most basic of levels. In fact merely calling poker players novices, intermediates and advanced does not come close to identifying the various types of player. This is because there are all different levels within levels and so merely breaking that down into three broad levels never does it justice.

When a player first comes into the game then they come with almost no knowledge whatsoever. This process doesn’t just apply to poker but all games and sports. A player at the very first level is in this category and we can refer to them as “level one players”. These players are novices but the most unskilled of novice. They make horrible blunders that cost a high number of big blinds and they do this frequently through a chronic lack of knowledge. Different level of game casino online is provided to the gamblers. The passing of the one level is necessary to play at the next level. The players are required to collect all the essential information to have the desired results. The playing of the games is with the skills of the gamblers.

It is through a process of experience and education that many players (not all) pass through this level into what I call level two. At this level then some lessons have been learned either through painful experience or reading and learning about the game. At this level then many of the huge blunders are corrected and players begin to learn about position and hand strength. It is also at level two where players begin to tighten up and play far fewer hands. At this level then they are no longer making the same massive errors as before and many players at these levels start becoming tight players and this is especially the case if playing tight fits their personality.

At level three then players tend to become more aware of how rakeback and Sign up bonuses are crucial to making money from the game although some players realise this as early as level one and two. Play becomes far more orthodox at level three although it does often lack creativity and fluidity that players at higher levels have. Good level three players can be long term winning players but they don’t win much because they don’t open their games up enough. However these level three players are solid and difficult to extract money from because they do not make big errors very often.

The coaching sites and information on the internet has led to more and more players reaching this level than ever before. At most half decent levels these days then it is difficult to find players at level one and two in any great frequency. Players at level three are what are known as weak-tight and they have become the new “fish” so to speak. Often though players at this level can be weak-tight but get their overall strategy all wrong and back to front. I know some level three players who go the exact opposite of weak-tight and are what I call weak-aggressive. These are players who understand about the importance of aggression but get it all wrong and bluffing is elevated more than it should be in their overall strategy. The real winners though are at level four and beyond and are players who understand the weaknesses of the players at the lower levels.